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Qualifications Need to be a Graphic Designer

What graphic design is a skills to be a graphic designer

  1. design Theory education you need
  2. equipment you need to the graphic design
  3. portfolio and interview advice

This is for anyone at any level so if you’re interested in graphic design and consider it becoming a graphic designer.

So you’re thinking about getting into graphic design and

You’re wondering what qualifications will you need to enter into the industry.

Now if you’re young between the age of eleven and twenty still at school and Thinking of becoming a graphic designer. you may be wondering what do I need to get into the industry.

What qualifications do I need and what grades do I need now if you’re a little older and you’re thinking of a career change you may also be wondering what experience do I need? Do I need a college degree?

So all these are good and important questions now in most cases when seeking a graphic design job it

Does not matter where you have been, where you have studied what subjects you undertook or what grades you have or how old you are.


Most of the time the one thing that will get you a job in graphic design is your portfolio your job as a

Graphic designer is to be creative and you are looking to get paid to creatively problem-solve.

Someone is going to pay you to do work for them and the only way they can be assured you’re the person for the job is by looking at what you have already done and what you can do for them. I have been in the industry for over 7 years now and I have never been asked where I studied and what grades I have had so if you are looking to get into the design industry your first priority is to build yourself a portfolio to showcase your ability if you can demonstrate you have done a variety of work along with some examples of your design process this will be attractive to an employer especially if an employer has a particular creative job in mind. you done before if you can demonstrate you have done work with successful and high-quality results that will be very impressive.

Now one typically starts to generate a portfolio at college and university which upon graduated one can use at

Interviews to get a job. Now if you’re older and have not attended any creative course you can develop your portfolio personally so the first main qualification you will need is your portfolio.

now the portfolio in my opinion is the most important qualification but some may argue that

experience is more significant. I have been to so many interviews only to be told that I have not been given the job because the other applicant had more experience than I did. Experience is something that becomes more and more relevant as you begin to apply yourself to more senior positions in the industry, experience is what will be looked for and scrutinized as you apply for jobs. such as where you studied some art schools may have a good reputation for having good courses and producing good designers if you find yourself competing with other Graduate designers than this and your degree can give you the edge you will find that this is only relevant when you’re fresh out of school you don’t have any prior experience and you’re applying for a graduate job as you become more and more senior and gain experience in the industry this will become irrelevant who you have worked for as you apply yourself to senior roles you will find who you have worked for will become more relevant if you can say you have worked for some well-known agencies and clients this can be impressive and install confidence, references if you can provide positive references from people you have worked with or for this will highly improve your chances of getting work the more the better what jobs you have done now employers will be looking for you to do a specific creative job or perhaps a range of creative jobs if you can demonstrate you have done a variety of work this will be attractive to an employer.

Awards you have won this is really a bonus if you can claim to have won any particular awards this will add to your credibility your skills and talents this can be anything from your communication skills, your software skills to your design process, if you can talk about your work and your design process show that your methodical efficient and Swift at bringing your work to life this can be very attractive this is where you can

stand out from others so those are some experience points that will be looked for by potential employers.

graphic design can be a very competitive industry sometimes it can come down to experience on who gets the job so your experience comes in the form of a CV. what you’ll find is when you apply for a job you will send over your portfolio, your CV and any references the CV is a representation of your professional persona and experience if the portfolio is a showcase of your work and talent that the CV is a showcase of your experience personality and personal qualities the CV will predominantly be an introduction to yourself your key skills and a list of who you have worked for and what you did.

So the main qualifications you will need to enter into the graphic design industry is a portfolio of work and experience in the form of a CV. now these two qualifications remain crucial throughout your entire graphic design career as you gain more experience and create more work, you will find yourself having to constantly update them to get better jobs in future.

So what do you think do you agree that the portfolio is more important or do you think experience is key let me know what you think in the

comments below.

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