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Photoshop Preference Option

Photoshop basically what we did is we decided all right if we’re gonna look at Photoshop from a person who’s just kind of getting to know the program what are the essential things that they should know when they’re getting into Photoshop so if you are advanced users things like that this is probably going to be all well below you but if you’re just getting into Photoshop this is going to be perfect guide for you.

Before you start using I will show you some of the more commonly used tools in Photoshop and editing techniques and things like that.
Basically, it is the introduction Lets Start and open Photoshop.

Photoshop: Interface

you’re looking at something like this and saying now what do I do, well the first thing I’m going to do is go ahead and open an image you can do go to file and then down to open and you’ll notice right beside every sync pretty much every single prompt in Photoshop you’re going to see a keyboard shortcut this for open is going to be command ‘o’.

Photoshop: open option

now the first tip I’m going to give you guys is that if you want to get fast at Photoshop the keyboard shortcuts are really the way to go they allow me to work very very fast because I’m not really going up to my menus and things like that going down and clicking on things most of the time I’m just hitting keyboard shortcuts so if speed is a priority for you in Photoshop get to know your keyboard shortcuts so let’s go ahead and hit command ‘o’ to open a new image.

Photoshop: Image opening option

There we go so you guys can have something nice and pretty to look at and we’re going to talk about a couple things here so we just talked about the keyboard shortcuts let’s go ahead and jump right into those because they are such an important part of Photoshop so you’ll be able to see if you go to image and then mode you can see maybe there aren’t some keyboard shortcuts set up for these but Auto there is a keyboard shortcut so the really cool thing about Photoshop is that it actually allows you to go in and make your own and change the keyboard shortcuts that come with the program to do so go to your edit menu and then down here to keyboard shortcuts so edit and then down to keyboard shortcuts nowhere you can see within the keyboard shortcuts basically have access to all the file menus.

Photoshop: Menu Options

So if I want to hit file and then I have open we just saw that was up here right file open is commando now if I wanted to change that all I would have to do is click here and then hold down a keyboard shortcut so really great basically the keyboard shortcuts if there’s something you’re doing over and over again in Photoshop chances are making a keyboard shortcut is going to make your life a lot more simple.

Photoshop: Photoshop Menu

let’s go through some of the menus and kind of get your preferences set up so you can actually use Photoshop like a power user to get your preferences just go to photoshop down to preferences into general now a lot of these I leave exactly how they are I think they’re good preferences but some of these I do like to change things like animated zoom I usually turn that off things like flick panning basically if you like click in like the slide your finger just like you would on an iPad your image will move around these things take up computer resources and personally I don’t really like them so I make sure to uncheck this sort of thing there’s a lot of preferences in here if there’s you know items that you’re like I wish Photoshop wouldn’t do this check your preferences first all right interface I change the border of all of my under screen fullscreen full-screen menus.

Photoshop: Full-Screen Option

I make sure to uncheck that and that’s just again these are preferences, okay sync settings don’t do too much there file handling there’s actually a lot you can do here I’m saving in background I would definitely recommend having this checked because what this does is if you’re working on an image it’s going to save it in the background Photoshop does have a tendency to use a lot of computer resources and sometimes that means it’s going to crash so if you’re working on something like it’s right now saving every 10 minutes you can change it to five or an hour you won’t lose a ton of information because it’s going to be saving in the background.

Photoshop: Background Option

Now another thing you can do is change let’s go to our performance you can change how much the Photoshop how much or the RAM Photoshop is going to actually use you can set up your scratch disks here as well I’m using the Macintosh hard drive because I don’t have a better option setup but if you did have an external like a raid array or something like that that’s what you would want to use a scratch disk this other thing that we’re going to check out and a lot of people who are kind of young to photoshop are really going to like is the history States this is basically how many times you can undo and when I was first getting to know Photoshop I would hit undo a ton until I would reach my limit and then I couldn’t hit undo anymore I didn’t know about this so if you want to increase your history States you can do so you can type in five hundred right there and you can have five hundred undos instead of only 25.

Hope you get the basic information of Photoshop Menus and few important options.

Keep studying Keep Working and keep loving photoshop.


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