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Photoshop Layer Option

Photoshop introduced a layers so what layers do basically is allow you to put new things other a change of color adding objects things like that retouching you know if you’re going to be using a clone stamp or a Healing Brush tool you can do these things on new layers so they don’t affect your original image so your layers are located right over here so all these tools are done on layers.



Photoshop: Layer Option

let’s go ahead and create a new layer by clicking on the new layer dialog and I’m going to use my brush tool now and we’re going to do the same type of thing I’m going to write Sample Text and now if I wanted to hit the eraser tool before the eraser tool.


Photoshop: Eraser Tool


I can start erasing it and it’s just going to erase Sample Text it’s not going to erase the image underneath it I could grab my move tool and I can move this signature around or I could transform it.

Photoshop: Transform T Command


I could command T which would transform this and I can shrink this down and put it wherever I want I can rotate it I can flip it sideways and upside down and things like that as well so because it’s on its own layer it acts independently of everything else and that’s why layers are so important because they allow you to work at really nice pace in Photoshop where you don’t have everything stuck jumbled together so if you need to undo or let’s just say I wanted to get rid of this signature I just hit the Delete key that layer goes away and so does the signature that’s tied to that layer so layers now there are other couples of cool things we’re going to be doing and we’re going to get into these in section two but if I do decide to paint something like this on top of my image there we go we also have blend modes that come along with layers.

Photoshop: Blending Mode


So here where it says normal if I want to change this something like overlay you’re going to see let’s grab our move tool it’s just going to kind of blend in with this image in a different way than just totally looking normal we can change it to multiply and it’s going to make it really dark so getting into Photoshop means play around with things like your blend modes like throw up some colors on here start painting around let’s paint some pink on there and see what that does let’s change our blending mode to a soft light and see what that does the more you play around here and get familiar with what these blending modes do the better you’re going to be in Photoshop and say like okay I need to be this a little bit brighter and a little more blue maybe I can paint light blue on top of it and then change it to an overlay or a screen blending mode and it’s going to do exactly what I want to keep those in mind you have all these layers and they come with blending modes you can always change them back to normal you can do things like change your opacity very powerful okay now we have our layers channels are a little bit more events we’re not going to mess with that in this article.basically a function of using our pen tool which we’re not going to get into to again in this article as well but just to let you know that each one of these things they do correspond with something else in the image now we has another set of adjustments and there are adjustment layers.

Photoshop: Adjustment Layer


So let’s say we want to grab a brightness contrast adjustment layer well this layer I can adjust my brightness or contrast for the entire image a lot like what we actually did if you are familiar with Lightroom let’s say you know Lightroom we talked about is really great for global adjustments well this is exactly what these are we’re making the image brighter things like that we can even you know what let’s delete that one and I want to create like a hue/saturation so you can go find hue/saturation they’re located here I so click on this little circle right down here and there in Word form over here which I prefer actually okay so our hue/saturation let’s just say we decided to change the hue a little bit on our image now in Lightroom that would be pretty much like okay cool we change the hue of our entire image but I don’t want this visible on everything and that’s where layer masks come in Photoshop so I know we’re getting more and more complex here but we’re almost done with basic fundamentals of Photoshop.

Photoshop: Layer Masking


In Photoshop layer mask basically control what’s visible on a layer so right now we have a white layer mask white layer mask means that everything is going to be visible now if I hit command I it turns our layer mask black so the layer is still there is just not visible because it has a black layer mask but if I click on my layer mask and I use my brush tool and I paint with white everywhere I paint is going to have looked like an awesome 80s album cover right now everywhere I’m going to paint is going to allow that layer to show up so painting white allows it to show up painting black allows it to go away and as you probably imagine you can use your selections to do things that are a lot more impressive than just painting different colors on an image like if I wanted to let’s just fill that with black I wanted to make a really cool selection right over there and just hit command “I” it would just change color in that selection and just like regular layers you can use your move tool and you can move layer masks around and things like that as well so keep that in mind all these tools are going to apply two layers and layer masks and any point in time you can make these visible or invisible if you can delete them and basically change your entire image without ever affecting your background layer.


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