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Photoshop course fees in Mumbai

Hye there, are you interested in Photoshop course and wondering for fees..?

There is a variation in fees when we talk about Photoshop course in every institute and it depends on the location and brand as well and brand value depends upon the quality and services. So as many services you get from Institute you have to pay for it.

Now for example, if you’re interested for Thane, Navi Mumbai or for Mumbai location then it is quite difficult to say perfectly but if you are specific with your selection or requirements then

This task is not that difficult to search.

The most ranking Institute has little high fees structure for graphics designing.

For Example For entire graphics Design, they are probably charging between 40000/- to 60000/-

The next below level of Institute generally charged 25000/- to 35000/-

And finally next below level of Institute charged 10000/- to 15000/-


Individual Software charges are different in different Institute

For Example for Photoshop, they are probably charging between 15000/- to 18000/-

Illustrator charges are 15000/- to 18000/-

Indesign charges are 10000/- to 15000/-

Corel Draw charges are 7500/- to 9000/-


The next below level of Institute generally charges are

Photoshop they are probably charging between 8000/- to 10500/-

Illustrator charges are 8000/- to 10500/-

Indesign charges are 6000/- to 7500/-

Corel Draw charges are 4500/- to 6500/-


And finally next below level of Institute charged 10000/- to 15000/-

Photoshop they are probably charging between 3000/- to 4500/-

Illustrator charges are 3000/- to 4500/-

Indesign charges are 2500/- to 3500/-

Corel Draw charges are 1500/- to 2500/-


Mostly these all charges are inclusive with certification but those who are providing international or any government certificate

This all charges can change according to their Institute norms and In Private education sector has a really a tough competition that the reason it is easy to get a discount on respective fees but it is uncertain and unpredictable to say.

In fact, on every next step, there is an institute and colleges for Graphics design.

Mostly on calling it is difficult to understand entire information about course and fees it is always an advisable to visit personally to the institute to understand the information as well as to compare and it will help you to take your decision wisely.

Thank you for reading hope finds it helpful.

If you have more questions or any suggestions please drop a message.


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