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How to put image in text in photoshop

Create this effects first of all go to file menu and create a new document. My size is 1920 by 1080 resolution 150 std so hit ok.

Text Image 01
Text Image 01

Now the first thing you have to do is type in the text so for that select your type tool from here and type in whatever you like . i am going to just simply type TEXT and then click on the layer to confirm it.

now we have to put it in exact centre so for that first of all press Ctlr +A so you will select your text layer then select your move tool from here so you have this options associated 2nd one , the second last one so its in complete centre now go to select and go to deselect not to do any change in the text and you can double click on your thumbnail here and click on this little box so you have all the options but I think the default looks really nice so I am just going to close it.

now we have to add in the  image so far that go to file and go to place  now find the image that you want so I am gonna select it and place it then go and confirm it from here them make sure that your image is on top of your at the text layer then right click on your image and select  create clipping mask so your image is inside the text and to move it.

make sure you have selected a move tool and you can move it like this but its really big so i am going to press ctrl + T hold my shift key . i am going to make it smaller then I am going to move it back here until I get type of look that I need so as you can see now this looks really nice then go and confirm it.

now the basic effects is done but it looks little bit boring so to make it better first of all select your text layer this one right click and go to blending options and first thing I would like to do is drop shadow so text can separate from the background and you can change the sighting I am just going to increase the opacity a little bit then go and make sure you use only one pixel so doesn’t look distracting and as you can see it looks better then go and hit ok.

we can also make the background look nice so for that double click and unlock it then again right click and select blending option in the blending option, I would go to gradient overlay and in the style I would change it to radial and reverse it so black part’s out and make the scale 150 all the way click on your gradient and here in the gradient instead of black color go and turn it to darker gray so that looks good then go and hit ok. now instead of this white color go and change the color which looks more better then go and hit ok.

Now to add the brush effect and select your act layer this one then go and press ctrl J so we can have a copy then hide one this one right click and select

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