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How to Apply Adobe Photoshop Certificate

basically, you become a certified expert by passing a test in a given program so you’ll just become certified or a certified expert. you actually become a certified expert in a certain program so you might be an Adobe certified expert in Photoshop or a certified expert in Illustrator, After Effects or whatever so.

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And get familiar with this whole deal now the tests are pretty hardcore they’re pretty long usually about 60 to 90 questions apiece and they’re usually a hundred and fifty dollars to take.

Now a little secret is if you are an educator you can get an educational discount for 50% off you have to look on the internet they keep changing the website for that but if you look hard enough you can find that 50% discount but you don’t get a discount for retaking it so if you blow it you can take it over again the next day or a next hour or whatever but it takes you 150 bucks again to do that and that’s American dollars by the way now

another thing about getting certified is that you’re only certified in the version that you take the test of for

example if I got certified in Photoshop seven then I’m not certified in photoshop cs5 or cs3

once you become certified get access to this special page and you go in here and see all the things you’re certified in and when they expire and all that kind of stuff so all these little things the blue square are things that I’ve been certified in Acrobat After Effects Premiere Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Encore all I kind of stuff even old version so I was certified in encore DVD too and it’s sort of fly way back in

Photoshop 6 and all that kind of stuff so it’s going to fund a little proud point to like log in and see like all

this crap that you’re certified didn’t be like oh look how high and mighty my intelligence is not really but it’s kind of fun.

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now if you over here to the main area you click on available a slash ACP exams and preparation resources they’ll take you to this page and basically what this is a little site here where you can go and get help for training for certification.

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So say if I go down to the adobe photoshop cs3 ace in other words Adobe certified expert exam I click a different language here English French and German and I could click on English for example and that will take me to a PDF here oops I got it minimizes let me maximize that and if we scroll down here in that PDF it will give us a list of the topics the general categories that you get tested in and also all the

different subcategories so for example explain how to use filters and the filter gallery.

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And you better know every single possible thing you could ever know about using filters and the filter gallery same thing here categories are painting and retouching and creating using layers working with selections supporting video even in Photoshop et cetera et cetera so this is you’ll get a different one of these for After Effects or premiere or whatever else you’re testing in now one other thing here on this main Adobe comm. / certified page.

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I initially showed you you’ll see there’s actually three different types of certification the base level is a new one called an Adobe certified associate this is one of the reasons why it’s taken me so long to make this movie is that I actually recorded this movie on how to become an Adobe certified expert about a year ago and then they change it on me so they added this Adobe certified associate and haven’t had a chance to go back and update this movie.

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Adobe certified associate is basically kind of like an entry-level certification it’s just something to say that you know the program a little bit so those of you that are in high school they kind of fart around the Photoshop a little bit this would be something cool for you to check out a lot of times some of you guys have like just some natural talents in Photoshop you’re just great right out of the box you really don’t need to go to a big art school

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or whatever so maybe just taking a few Community College classes just to know what all the buttons do and then getting becoming a Adobe certified associate might be enough for you to get your foot in the door and start a great career with Photoshop or whatever program you’re getting certified in the next level up is Adobe certified expert which is much more grueling and intense of a test than the Adobe certified associate and the highest level is the Adobe certified right instructor and basically what that is it’s somebody that has maybe a teaching credential or basically a certified teacher in some way also you can get certified in that by taking the CompTIA ctt plus certified technical trainer certification which is a really really boring test where you take this huge test on a computer that’s like an hour and a half long and then you actually add the video tape yourself teaching in front of a classroom and then send that in they review how you teach and so like that but then once your Adobe certified instructor you could teach for training centers all over the country or all over the world and just as a little secret tip if you are an Adobe certified instructor.

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The average going rate is $400 a day us to teach a class most classes are about two or three days so you do the math it’s actually a pretty good career now probably one of the best parts of becoming an Adobe certified expert if

not the best part of it is that Adobe allows you to use their logo on your resume they create this cool little file

for you to give you a gift for the web or they give you an EPS file that you can put on a printed file and then on

your website or your business card or your resume whatever you can actually have the Adobe glow go on there it’s probably not enough to get you a job but it’s definitely enough to get your resume noticed in most instances so there you have it folks that’s how to become an Adobe certified expert or an Adobe certified instructor.

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These are above questions may hit your mind so you can get all answer on adobe.com site.


Get certified and keep Rocking…..ALL THE BEST…..

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