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I’m going to be going over everything you need to know about graphic design so this article is exactly what graphic design is what school and school work would look like if you’re going to school for graphic design. Many people ask me why you choose graphics designing as a career ?  My answer “I was small I love doing art, coloring designing like everyone knew that I was just very much creative person I was always drawing things I was always making stuff like putting color in different manner on background like coming up with I don’t know I was just very artistic. but it was equally important for me to get stable income from this profession.

I was like what can I do that related to art that will allow me to have a steady income and my seniors suggested graphic design and he told me a little bit about what it is and I just thought it was perfect so what exactly is exactly design when you’re a graphic designer you are a creative problem solver and your job is finding a creative solution for someone else’s needs an example of graphic design out in the real world is like packaging, movie, poster design restaurant menus graphics on the web stuff like that basically everything that takes a lot of creative process and thought like everything out in the world that was made by a graphic designer for an art director so going over the questions about like showing a graphic design what exactly is it.

Asked how do you do your lettering and designing I am going to go over that later but the part I’m going to answer in this section right now is would you recommend being a graphic designer honestly that is totally up to you you have to be the judge of that if you’re creative and you know art is your passion and you feel like you have an eye for design I knew all of this ever since I was very small lots of people have different tastes but you have to be true to yourself and know like if you really like it then you should pursue it. this is amazing because it just took my first graphic design course and immediately with like yep this is what I love and basically it kind of solidifies whether or not you want to do it if you just know you know try working up classes or looking up graphic design work online that’ll also help you get a feel for what exactly it is so now we are going to be going over misconceptions I saw a lot of comments online saying like if I want to be a graphic designer should I learn to code as soon as possible so takes graphic design classes and etc.

Then you have to think of it this way it’s scary because you don’t know what’s to come and what it entails but you’re going there to learn like you’re not expected to go into a graphic design course knowing everything because everyone is in the same boat of view no one knows what’s going on a few Trainer may have taken my graphic design classes in early stage but that’s just like very beginning if anything and it’s not even that much experience like they may know how to work the programs but there’s so much more to it but no one in the fundamental classes has learned yet and you’re going to be taking it very slow if you don’t know anything about graphics of them but you know what’s something you want to do because you love creating then don’t even worry about it you don’t need any experience they will help you with literally everything.   do your lettering on your iPad or do you own a drawing tablet I’m going to get to that whole thing afterwards but right now I’m going to talk about school different art schools teach different things I went to the Art Institute and this is basically what my experience was like you start off with basic classes, classes get more involved in advance as you go along like we took reds in layout typography package design branding which is like logos and corporate identity. even though people from the outside are like oh you’re going to school for graphic design it’s not even that hard like it is hard any example of math, math is very difficult but at the end of the day if you have one final solution there’s one answer that works graphic design is different there’s so many different options for one thing life takes a long time and it takes a lot of thought if you’re really passionate about it by basically project will take a very long time also such a big part of graphic design is learning to take.

How to take the – what can I do to make this better that’s basically what critiques are don’t ever take the treks personally it’ll really help improve your work because if not it’ll just always be the same and you cannot improve out of your friends that you’re not listen to the teachers the teachers would tell them you should change this because of this and then they would think that they know more than the teachers or they were like hurt from it and they would start crying they’re out in the world right now and not doing one day one school for so if you’re going to graphic design be prepared to have some thick skin or grow some thick skin because it will be hard at first to like fear all these critiques it’ll make things a lot easier and you will grow so much more as a designer now we’re going to talk about like building skills and motivation in graphic design.


The fundamental problems that you do are most likely not going to end up as portfolio pieces but keep your portfolio in mind as you’re doing projects because you never know later on what can turn into a portfolio piece they know that you don’t have any experience so as long as you have good school projects that show your design style and what you can do that’s what matters it’s also very good motivation to keep doing well in school also in order to get an internship you need a resume put together a nice one it doesn’t have to be like superbly over-designed. even to get my job that I have right now I didn’t have a crazy resume I just had like a nice lead to decide resume that was pleasing to the eye and that’s all you need I think also going back to like why i really suggest getting an internship they make you realize what type of company you would like to work for.

when you freelance you definitely have like a lot of freedom you don’t really have a set schedule besides the progress that you take on and those deadlines but it can also be very hard to find clients at times if you don’t know how to network. then go ahead because like in order to be successful and have steady income you need to like really put yourself out there and be very hard-working and just be very self-motivated also working with clients can be tough and sometimes unreliable clients can sometimes take advantage of you and not the reality of doing graphic design out in the real world I don’t really suggest working with friends because I had some friends again like pay me back cousins away they’re just like where’s this money for all of the work I put in for you I know we’re friends so like what the heck so it’s like a little bit awkward but freelancing if you’re good at it go for it so working for a big company you usually get steady income so if you have steady cash flow coming in you can pay all your bills you don’t have to worry about that you’re good to go you will like it depending on your case and if the company you are working for is your style trust me it is great to you.

what’s the hardest thing about graphic design um that mostly depends on the person it could be taking critiques if you don’t like that aspect of it it could be concept is and it could be revision for me personally I think the revisions are what really gets to every single person who think design because like revisions could be real quick or they could just last forever and ever and ever that I think every people would agree that revisions are just the worst part because it can just go on forever and with all of that being said that is basically. it this is everything that I’ve learned just remember to be honest with yourself if this is something you truly want to do because it is a lot of hard work it’s not just like playing around on the computer which I think a lot of people think it is it takes a lot of hard work but it’s very rewarding so basically anybody can apply for graphics and can be come freelancer artist or full time graphics designer or creative art director you can become anything just to have to keep consistency in work and in creativity.




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