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Every Graphics Designer Should know this

Graphic designers create all kinds of visual media from advertisements to product packaging to websites and

company logos and signage they may also be responsible for the layout of newspapers and magazines for designing graphics for television news programs or professional sports teams and for designing covers and illustrations for books as a result a graphic designer has a wide variety of skills available.

To work with many graphic designers workers freelancers and offer their services to small businesses these designers do what’s known as desktop publishing i.e DTP and they design letterheads, business cards, brochures, newsletters and other marketing materials.

Graphic designers use artwork, photos, animation, fonts and other elements in their work often they start from drawings or from sketches done by hand or perhaps sometimes done on the computer using a Wacom tablet. they often work with copywriters, printers and art directors in a team effort when working on publications and sometimes they work with artists or sales departments.

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Most colleges and universities offer degree programs in graphic design and there are similar programs at many art technical and trade schools the National Association of schools of Art and Design overseas about 300 accredited programs at schools across the country, state and nearby area like Thane, navi Mumbai and Mumbai in addition to technical know-how strong creative and communication skills are a must as is the ability to keep up with the latest technological and software advances graphic designers also need good time management skills and must be able to work under pressure of deadlines and production schedules they also had to be up on the latest trends and must be able to work well with others a background in art cad multimedia or marketing can also be very helpful.Most graphic designers specialize in a certain field some specializations include business communications, Advertising publishing, web design, games, printing or marketing.


The job outlook is good designers with computer and Internet skills will be the most sought-after as the fields of website design mobile phone media internet advertising and online interactive media continue to grow employment in the graphic design field is expected to grow by about thirteen percent by 2018 with the exception of graphic design jobs for print publications that industry has been struggling with decreasing readership for some time and that trend is expected to continue graphic designers earn between 4,76,000/- per year with the median wage being around 2,85,000/- the field of computer and web-based design offers the highest wages and the printing field the lowest entry level designers can expect to make around 2,50,000/-  a year senior designers who often supervise entry-level ones or sometimes even whole design teams they tend to make about sixty thousand dollars a year and designers who become lead creative directors or partners in design firms they can make a good amount.


While demand for graphic designers is expected to grow competition will be stiff candidates that can offer a strong mix of creativity and know-how in web design and interactive media will do best all aspiring designers should have a strong and updated portfolio to show prospective employers make sure it only contains the best of your work as it’s how they will decide if you’re a good fit or not please read the next article for more information on graphic design salaries and the training needed to get started in this exciting career field.

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