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Workflow in 3D Animation

Many task are required to create 3d Animation. These tasks are performed in sequence and can be categorized in two stages:

Planning Stage

In the planning stage, you plan the animation from an idea to the final product. Developing the animation depends on the decisions made during this stage.Therefore, this is an important stage in the process of creating an animation. This stage consider of the following tasks:

  • Defining an idea
  • Scripting
  • Character desingning
  • Storyboarding
  • Creating dope sheet


Defining an Idea

You need an idea or concept on which you can develop an animation. An Idea for an animation can be a story provided by a client or a scenario that you need to develop into a story.


The Idea developed into a script. To develop a script, you  need to add several details such as the actions and emotions of the characters, textual description of the characters.Personality and physical attributes, scenes, and dialogs.

Character Designing

To create believable animation, you need to know your characters personality and physical attributes appear from different angle and poses. You can get cues character and personality and physical attributes from textual description in the script. Based on these descriptions, you need to design or draw the characters in various angles and poses on shets of paper called model sheets.


Storyboarding is graphical representation of the flow or sequence of the important scenes and actions of an animation, as described in the script. A storyboard also depicts the character’s feelings and expressions, the camera view, and frame composition.

Creating Dope sheets

Dope sheets describe every scene, action, emotion and recorded dialog of an animation in detail. These details are correlated to the frames of animation.

Execution stage

In this stage you develop the animation using the script, the character designs, the storyboard,and the dope sheets that you created as inputs in the planning stage. The tasks that need to be accomplished in this stage are as follows:

Character Modeling

Preparing a model for animation


Placing the camera





Modeling Types

When we talk about modeling there are types of modeling

  1. Surface
  2. Polygon
  3. Subdivision

Polygon is a flat surface know as face which has a 3-4 number of side the is created when 4 point known as a control vertex connect to each other the line which connect this is known as a edge.

Principle Regarding polygon modeling

1.During polygon modeling each face should have a 4 side know as quads.


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