Photoshop Layer Option

Photoshop Layer Option Photoshop introduced a layers so what layers do basically is allow you to put new things other a change of color adding objects things like that retouching you know if you’re going to be using a clone stamp or a Healing Brush tool you can do these things on new layers so they don’t affect your original image so your layers are located right over here so all these tools are done […]

Photoshop Preference Option

Photoshop Preference Option Photoshop basically what we did is we decided all right if we’re gonna look at Photoshop from a person who’s just kind of getting to know the program what are the essential things that they should know when they’re getting into Photoshop so if you are advanced users things like that this is probably going to be all well below you but if you’re just getting into Photoshop this is going to […]