Every Graphics Designer Should know this 

Every Graphics Designer Should know this Graphic designers create all kinds of visual media from advertisements to product packaging to websites and company logos and signage they may also be responsible for the layout of newspapers and magazines for designing graphics for television news programs or professional sports teams and for designing covers and illustrations for books as a result a graphic designer has a wide variety of skills available. To work with many graphic […]

Creative Thinking for Design

  Creative Thinking for Design? There have you noticed that the world is full of problems, there are big hairy problems like poverty and disease and small annoyances like misplacing your keys. “However the geniuses at Stanford have come up with a process that will broaden your perspective and help you create better solutions no matter the type of problem this process is called design thinking”. And it’s here to change the way you tackle […]

Tools Need To Become a Graphic Designer

Tools Need To Become a Graphic Designer what tools you need to become practice under so let’s get to know the difference between raster and vector images well that’s another image just say that vector images are images that you can scale as we can as many times as you want and they remain high-quality. They are not based on pixels raster on the other hand are based on pixels and if you scale them […]

Qualifications Need to be a Graphic Designer

Qualifications Need to be a Graphic Designer What graphic design is a skills to be a graphic designer design Theory education you need equipment you need to the graphic design portfolio and interview advice This is for anyone at any level so if you’re interested in graphic design and consider it becoming a graphic designer. So you’re thinking about getting into graphic design and You’re wondering what qualifications will you need to enter into the […]